Why My Wild Grace?

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Hi guys! So some of you may be wondering, “My Wild Grace, where the heck did that come from?“, and I decided that taking my first post and dedicating it to explaining where my heart is, and what my hopes for this blog are, would be such a great way to connect with you all! Starting a blog is something that I have been considering for about three years now and really began playing with the idea when I started college at Ohio State. Attending a university with SO many people after coming from such a small high school, I quickly realized just how many different lifestyles there were aside from the cornfields and flannels- lol. Now don’t get me wrong I love a good flannel, but it was so intriguing to me that often times when meeting people on campus, the way they dressed directly reflected their personality and that’s something I wanted people to feel with me.

So as you can imagine, this is where wild grace starts coming into play. Growing up my mom used to call me “girl of grace” because I could (and sometimes still do) find a way to trip over a puddle.. SOS! But while my body was super uncoordinated and awkward, I always tried to keep and fill my heart with God’s grace, because I whole heartedly believe that people can feel Him through us. When trying to figure out what my style was and what I wanted it to reflect, I knew it had to be modest and something that expressed my morals, but also something that was fun and expressed my personality and style!

Grace was pretty easy to find, but I really struggled with complimenting it with a fun word that truly explained myself. While I wouldn’t completely describe myself as a “wild child”, I definitely think I have an edgy, more adventurous side to my personality and I love love love incorporating some of that into my daily life. I also typically go a million miles an hour and hate the thought of sitting still, which could be why I am so not graceful, but I seriously function best when I’m constantly on the go. And with that you have wild grace. I love that two simple words could describe me so perfectly.

Speaking of describing me perfectly, I also wanted to introduce myself and my family to you all. I was going to wait until the beginning of the year to get my blog started, but we just recently took family pictures for our Christmas cards and they’re the perfect excuse for a new beginning! I am so excited to invite you all into my life and hopefully help inspire you through what inspires me.

My hopes for this is to show you all some outfits that I am loving at the moment, my journey with Christ, wedding planning, and so much more. I can’t wait to connect more with you all, thank you so much for following along.



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Outfit Details

My Outfit:

Vail Parka | Jeans | Sweater | Boots | Beanie

Wyatts Outfit:

Vest Flannel | Jeans | Boots



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